Lexapro Pill

  1. Lexapro (escitalopram) is usually suggested for the procedure of depression, and can likewise be made use of to deal with generalised stress and anxiety condition. See to it you speak to your healthcare supplier before taking Lexapro to see to it you are going to benefit from the therapy. You will certainly should inform your healthcare supplier if you have seizures, thyroid illness, liver condition, heart problem, renal condition, or a current past of cardiac arrest, as a few of those elements may call for a dose adjustment or your doctor will determine your condition must be overseen meticulously for negative effects. Such moderate adverse effects as dizziness, runny nose, pyrosis ( heartburn ), queasiness, stomach discomfort, irregularity, dry mouth, diarrhea, enhanced appetite, and drowsiness have to be stated to your healthcare company just if they get annoying. Allow your medical professional understand if you are going to take any type of other medicines - particularly tranquilizers, lithium, cimetidine, seizure medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, anticoagulants, medications for migraine problems, sedatives, ketoconazole, antihistamines, medications for stress and anxiety, other antidepressants, and resting medicines as they might interact from Lexapro.